BioBlitz! Oklahoma

—Bio =  —Of or relating to life and living things
—Blitz =  —Sudden, energetic, intensive effort

BioBlitz! is a rapid inventory of biological diversity. Biologists and citizen scientists count as many species as possible in a given period of time, traditionally large BioBlitz! events are for 24 consecutive hours.  Anyone who is interested participate in a BioBlitz! – university professors to boy scouts to high school students to enthusiastic retirees.

Bioblitz is a fun and exciting event to educate people about the natural diversity “in their back yard.” BioBlitz offers a hands-on scientific experience and a chance to learn more about the diversity of life where people live.

BioBlitz was invented in 1996 by scientists from the National Parks Service and inaugurated in Washington, D.C., by scientists from the National Park Service, the National Botanical Garden, and the Smithsonian Institution. BioBlitz of varying types have since been conducted in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota and other states.

BioBlitz! Oklahoma has been going continuously for 15 years!  We have covered most of Oklahoma’s ecoregions, observed 1000s of species, and exposed over 1000 people to the wonder of Oklahoma’s natural diversity.

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