Field Studies in Biological Conservation
Priscilla Crawford, Ph.D., instructor
May-June 2019 at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station

A hands-on invasive species education!

The Field Studies class is designed to introduce students to conservation issues currently facing the citizens of Oklahoma. Student readings on conservation issues will come from a variety of valid sources, representing several different aspects of each issue. Our classroom time will be devoted to a discussion of these issues. Discussions will be supplemented by field trips and hand-on projects on the grounds of the OU BioStation. Much of our time will be spent outdoors learning about conservation projects in the state and helping to implement these projects. Our focus conservation topic will be pollinator diversity and native plant restoration. We will explore the variety of strategies, philosophies, and practicalities of restoration ecology.

Syllabus – Field Studies Biological Conservation Session 2 2019

University of Oklahoma Biological Station

Building a model aquifer.  How does water get stored underground?


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