Field Work Perks

When you do field work on public lands you need permits and there are all sorts of rules and regulations, blah, blah, blah… But when you work on private lands, the situation tends to be a little more relaxed and come with benefits. Private landowners often invite you to eat with them, offer you cold … More Field Work Perks

Snakes in the Field

When I tell people that I work outdoors in the “wild” or “field,” I often get asked about all the snakes I MUST seed while bushwacking. “Actually,” I tell them, “I rarely see snakes and I feel lucky when I do.” “But what about dangerous snakes?” is their follow up question. Again, rarely I say. … More Snakes in the Field

13 Butterflies

Since I am working at home this spring and summer and not doing regular field work, I am taking the opportunity to learn a little more about my urban biodiversity. I am best at butterflies and birds right now, so keeping those lists are easy. Here are the species of butterflies that I have seen … More 13 Butterflies


As part of my surveys of Oklahoma lakes for aquatic invasive plants, I have started a project to test if environmental DNA (eDNA for short) techniques would be useful for surveying bodies of water for aquatic invasive plants. Environmental DNA is DNA from organisms that is collected from the environment – soil, water, air – … More eDNA


Today was a first!  An artist in the field with me! Debby Kaspari, natural history artist and illustrator, joined us in the field to sketch Least Terns.  She is illustrating an article for Oklahoma Today about rivers in the state.  It was a great day to show off our most promising tern colony – perfect … More Art