Spring Virtual BioBlitz!

MVC-008SSpring is a biologically wonderful time of year – buds are bursting, summer birds are returning, larvae are hatching, and biologists are antsy to get outside again.  As coordinator for BioBlitz! Oklahoma, I have been asked why don’t we have the event in spring or early summer when all this fun stuff is going on.  I agree that spring is an amazing time of year to explore outside – everyone and everything is full of energy.  And that is part of the problem – energy.  The greatest factor is my decision to not hold BioBlitz! Oklahoma in the spring is the extremely energetic weather that puts our sScreen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3.41.48 PMtate in national news.  As the coordinator of an event of 300+ people held in a remote location overnight, I don’t feel like taking on that anxiety or responsibility.  But I know we are missing out on a bunch of biodiversity by holding the event each year in late summer.  What to do?

A Spring Virtual BioBlitz! was my answer.  It is a month long, state-wide BioBlitz! that uses iNaturalist.org to record everyone’s observations.  At day 11, we already have 767 observations, of 326 species, from 21 people!  To spur everyone into action, I am giving away prizes for completion of challenges.  Check it out!Unknown



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