Virtual Spring BioBlitz! 2020

Record setting Virtual Spring BioBlitz! OK!

Two new plant records during this Spring BioBlitz! These species that are new records for Oklahoma were verified by our BioBlitz! expert botanist, Amy Buthod.

One snuck over from Arkansas and was recorded by virtual and in-person BioBlitzer Lynn Michael – Smooth Yellow False Foxglove (Aureolaria flava)

The other species, Common Cornsalad (Valerianella locusta), was spotted by Bob Webster and Sandy Graue at two different state parks. This annual species is from Europe and can be grown and eaten as a leaf vegetable. Although not native to Oklahoma, it is unlikely to become a invasive weed in natural areas. Check out the Observations.

Ultimate Herp Observers — We have records for 24 species of amphibian and 57 species of reptiles and a currently undescribed species of amphibian for a total of 82 species! This a great sampling of the diversity of Oklahoma herps.

At this point it appears we have a runaway winner for the Inaugural Ultimate Herper award and that is Ian Kanda with 35 species. There were 7 other iNaturalist members who had more than 20 species and those members were: Teriyaki12, Amphibianaddict, Goody, Bugcatchermark, Ellaleigh33, Gregsilva, and Hollynff. Great job to those members and to everybody who participated.

We also are going to award an extra shirt to the member that made the most outstanding herp record, and that member is Aaron Goodwin for the undescribed Woodland Salamander!

Congratulations to our GRAND Virtual Spring BioBlitz! OK 2020 Citizen Scientist – Zach DuFran! He observed 567 verifiable species during the month of April in Oklahoma. He nearly 100 species more than any other BioBlitzer!

Zach did an spectacular job of documenting our littlest animals, especially the moths!

Zach earns free registration for his family to the fall BioBlitz! event weekend at Roman Nose State Park, a subscription to Outdoor Oklahoma donated by our friends at ODWC, and citizen science glory! Well Done Zach!

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