I started a Podcast!

Given this virtual age we have entered with a lack of in-person outreach events, I have decided to start a podcast where I talk with our BioBlitz! experts. Honestly, I have never done anything like this before, but I thought, “What the heck? I will just dive right in and get this thing rolling!” I have done a little research on how to get it started and am not totally clueless now. In fact, I released the first episode last week with Jessa Watters as my first victim/guest. You can check it out!

This podcast is an extension of our BioBlitz! Oklahoma events.  Now I can celebrate Oklahoma’s biodiversity with everyone all year round!  

I have a few more  “Meet the Expert” episodes lined up for the coming weeks!  Be sure to subscribe to this podcast wherever you listen so that you are notified when I upload more episodes!

Angelina Stancampiano, my BioBlitz! Co-coordinator and Sequoyah State Park naturalist, and I are also working together on “Ask the Expert” episodes.  Do you have a burning questions about Oklahoma’s biota?  Curious about some natural history phenomena you have observed?  Send us your questions and we will work on answering them in future “Ask the Expert” episodes. 

We will also be happy to receive suggestions for future expert interviews and projects to highlight! 

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