Monarchs & Milkweeds

Showy milkweed, Asclepias speciosa, in McClain Co.

I have seen several initiatives for monarch conservation this year.  In the US and Canada, the focus is providing caterpillar food sources in the form of milkweed.  A variety of programs are giving out free seeds and information about the monarch life cycle.  I recommend visiting the Monarch Watch webpage for lots of good information.

One of the most recent and local the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s agreement to designate Interstate 35 as the “Monarch Highway” along with several other states.  ODOT has signed a memorandum of understanding to refrain from mowing the highway rights-of-way statewide, except where necessary, until July when milkweed seeds will be ready for dispersal. Read the full news story.

Learn more:

Great publication put out by the Kerr Center about Oklahoma’s native milkweeds.

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