Learning the bees

Happy World Bee Day! Until a few years ago, I was unenlightened about bees, especially native bees. Like most people, I thought most bees were like European honey bees (Apis mellifera) – lived in hives, made tasty honey, died when they stung you, do a waggle dance to tell their friends where the good flowers … More Learning the bees

Monarchs & Milkweeds

I have seen several initiatives for monarch conservation this year.  In the US and Canada, the focus is providing caterpillar food sources in the form of milkweed.  A variety of programs are giving out free seeds and information about the monarch life cycle.  I recommend visiting the Monarch Watch webpage for lots of good information. One … More Monarchs & Milkweeds

Winter Solstice

Enjoy the last day of autumn everyone.  Tonight (or maybe last night) was the longest night of the year.  Tonight at 10:48 p.m. CST winter begins.  Personally I like the cozy feeling of long shadows and early evenings of this time of year, but I also like that it will gradually become spring again too. … More Winter Solstice

Tis the Season to Decorate with Parasites!

Have you received a kiss under the mistletoe yet this season? There are a variety of mythologies surrounding mistletoe and winter traditions.  Because of my celtic ancestry, let’s hear a few from the British Isles. Mistletoe was considered a sacred plant to the Druids.  They believed mistletoe to have many magical characteristics: healing diseases, antidote to poisons, … More Tis the Season to Decorate with Parasites!