Solar Energy

We have begun preparing the area of the pollinator meadow at the OU Biological Station! Last week we placed clear plastic over the weedy patch of lawn near the office at the BioStation.  We are solarizing the area with plastic sheeting to kill lawn grass, weeds, and weed seeds in the soil.  The plastic sheeting traps the energy from the sun heating the soil to well above 120°F.

The students of the Field Studies in Biological Conservation class will begin the planting native plants in July.  Additional volunteer work days and future classes will contribute to the transformation of this space to a beautiful meadow full of natural diversity.

Area that will soon become a pollinator meadow outside of the office of the OU Biological Station.
Digging a trench to bury the edge of the plastic.
Burying the edge of the plastic to hold it in place.
Phil Swart and Chloe Paden, OU undergraduates, proud of their hard work in this first step of the pollinator meadow.

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